Ways to Help

Once you’ve been touched and decide you want to help. Many times people feel lost and don’t know how or think: “I want to help but I can’t”. Whether its with us or another charity you can help and we’ve made a list of ways to help to make it easy for you to do your part to change the world.


A type of charity that almost any organization needs is monetary donations. Because charities are nonprofit organizations, they rely on grants that they get from government agencies and on the financial support from contributors to help them go further with their missions. Here at the Nevers Foundation the size of the donation does not matter, any amount of money can help our programs succeed. You hear all the time that just a few pennies to a few dollars a day can make a world of difference, and it can. This is because your donations alone may not seem like much, but when they are combined with generosity of others, they can add up to a sizable amount pretty quickly. So even change goes a long way especially for those who don't even have change.


One of the other main types of charity that many organizations need is your time. Volunteering with fund-raising, manual labor, answering phones, the list goes on and on. Every organization needs people to help run it and support it by taking time out of their busy lives to help. At the Nevers Foundation even if you can offer only a few hours a week or few days a month or even a year, becoming a volunteer can be the best way possible for you to help change the world.


Also always in demand are skilled volunteers. These are different from standard volunteers in the aspect that skilled volunteers use special expertise to help charities out. At the Nevers Foundation this could be advertisers creating a campaign for a cause at no charge, photographers covering events for free, lawyers representing the organization by looking into local laws and grants, bookkeepers making sure that all the records are kept up correctly, etc. The fewer professionals that a nonprofit establishment has to hire, the more money that it can put back into its work.


Even the smallest types of charity can help. If you do not have any money, time nor expert skills to offer, you can still donate to charities. Many people can use items that you do not anymore. Clothing, furniture and even old vehicles can be donated to benefit many causes. Almost any tangible goods that are in decent condition can be reused or resold to add to an organization's budget.

Even if you have nothing that you can actually give, think about what you have that you could lend out. Some places need larger vehicles, for example, so if you have a van or a truck that you could let them use a few times a month, that would be considered one of the types of charity. Other places may need lawn-care equipment to maintain their grounds; even if you can't cut the grass for them yourself, maybe you could let them use your lawn mower or blower to do the jobs themselves.


Anything that you can find in your heart to give has many benefits. It can offer you financial and professional perks. Tax write-offs are possible on almost any donations. Volunteering can spruce up any college application or resume. The expert work you do for an organization can also be included in your portfolio. Just as the list could go on and on with how many different types of charity there are, the benefits attached with helping to support them do also. Above all volunteering or donating gives you a sense of pride that you are doing something to CHANGE THE WORLD!!!
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